Making website, smart contacts (for in-game token and NFTs), early demo version of the game, setting up social media accounts, conducting Private Round and Presale. Goal: building community of early investors
Launch/Post Launch + NFTs
Launch on PancakeSwap, onboarding influencers, building community, listing token. Finalising demo version, preparing for pre-alpha. Conducting NFT-character sale, listing on secondary market (opensea) Goal: attracting gamers and NFT lovers
Game Release
Releasing alpha version of the game, implementing P2E feature, making at least 1 full working game + rest room. Building more partnerships, AMAs, listings. Conducting second NFT-character sale (with generative art) Goal: attracting gamers, project listings
Continuous Development
Improving the game, release of public beta version, people are talking everywhere that you can earn money by playing the squid game P2E. Release of NFT-lands and attempts to metaverse Goal: scaling the game, improving the game
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